Rada Cutlery Anthem Series Super Parer Paring Knife Stainless Steel Blade with Ergonomic Black Resin Handle - 9 Inches

Rada Cutlery Anthem Series Super Parer Paring Knife Stainless Steel Blade with Ergonomic Black Resin Handle - 9 Inches

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Rada’s Anthem Heavy Duty Paring Knife gives the user superior leverage, making easy work of those cutting tasks that used to be difficult. This knife is ideal for all your cutting, slicing, and coring needs. Our Anthem Wave series offers more than just stylish handles. All Anthem Wave knives combine our famous, super-sharp Rada blades with reimagined handles featuring modern style, an ergonomic grip, and a balanced weight that feels great in your hand.

One of Rada's Top 10 best sellers, the Cooks Utility will quickly become an indispensable part of your kitchen. Called utility because it is perfect for so many different cutting applications, the medium-sized Cooks Utility knife is a sleek little gem with the maneuverability of a paring knife and the versatility of a larger one. Its a fun little knife that will surprise you with personality. The Cooks Utility Knife easily cuts through anything from shallots and sausage to garlic and guava.


Rada Cutlery French Chef Knife Stainless


Anthem Wave Super Parer


Rada Cutlery - S01 Rada Cutlery Paring Knife Set 3


Super Parer


Super Parer


Super Parer

Rada Super Paring Knife, Hand-Sharpened Super Parer 4.375 inch Blade Knives, Stainless Steel with Solid Aluminum Handle. Now available in two different styles! Made in a small town in Iowa, Rada knives are some of the finest on the market. Meticulously crafted one at a time, using a dozen or more steps. Choose between the original solid aluminum handle or the durable black resin handle. Slice and dice potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and onions with ease.


Rada Cutlery R127 Super Parer Knife with Aluminum Handle


Super Parer


Rada Cutlery Anthem Series Super Parer Paring Knife