Silipint 16-32oz Stopper Straw & Lid

Silipint 16-32oz Stopper Straw & Lid

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New 2023 - Food safe silicone lid and straw combo for all sizes Silipints (16oz-32oz).

EXTRA LARGE TUMBLER: Enjoy your drinks in style with the 32-Ounce Silicone Straw Tumbler Cups. They have extra-thick straws for easy hydration on the,1000_QL80_.jpg

Silipint: Silicone 32oz Straw Tumbler: Sugar Rush - Unbreakable Cup, Flexible, Hot/Cold, Airtight Lid, Seasonal Color

Pairs with any of our 16/22/32 oz cups. This silicone lid is made from 100% food-grade safe, platinum-cured silicone. It fits on three Silipint

Original Silicone Lid - 16 oz / 22 oz / 32 oz

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Eco-friendly, microwave-friendly and dishwasher-friendly, this cup accommodates all of your favorite beverages and fits right in your cup holder.

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Silipint 16 oz. Tumbler w/ Lid – Swag Bar

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With a Silipint Straw Tumbler in hand, you can go where no other drinkware caneverywhere. Thats because our tumblers are made from naturally occurring silica: a durable, non-toxic material that is flexible, durable, and can handle the heat. So go ahead, take this tough-as-nails tumbler anywhere and put it to the test - whether it's iced coffee, hydration on the go, a refreshing smoothie, or an extra thick milkshake, this 22oz unbreakable companion never takes a break so you never miss a moment.

Silipint Silicone 32oz Straw Tumblers 2 Pack, Aqua Sugar Rush